Doll House Enthusiast


Name: Lily
Age: 4
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Status: Deceased


Marcus, Lily, and their mother returned from a couple of years with their grandparents to see their home town ravaged by the spell plague. They had known of what happened, but assumed that their home would have been okay. She was sat on the ground, clutching the dolly her father had given her when Marcus and her mother told her that “daddy was gone”.

They spent a year travelling as a family, even picking up some of their grandfather’s hell hounds for protection as they did. When they decided to return to their home town of Waghurst once again, they were brought face to face with an elven mage. She spoke to Marcus and Lily’s father up in their tower. Marcus stood in front of her as she listened to their mother scream before silence fell.

Lily cried with Marcus and refused to let go of him, even when the lady gave them a special drink. She drank it and nodded along with her brother when she said she’d see them again. She never did, but that didn’t matter. Lily had a whole doll house to play with now and Marcus would even bring her new dollies every now and then. They had all the time in the world to play.

Lily died whilst undergoing a healing attempt by the Dawn of the Stars.

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