Ovlin 'Runi' Dorack

Tiny excitable dwarf lady


Name: Ovlin ‘Runi’ Dorack
Race: Dwarf
Class: Runepriest
Path: wrathful hammer
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Height: 3’11”
Religion: Oghma
Status: Alive


Tiny excitable dwarf lady. Square jawed and very smiley. Long, braided blonde hair. When she isn’t crafting runes, she is researching them. Intrigued by the rune found with her when she was little and has become fascinated with researching protective runes, mostly to try and discover what saved her. Wears chainmail and wields a military hammer and a light shield. She can speak both common and dwarven and is neutral good

Always friendly and chatty, but often oblivious (naïve) when it comes to meeting strangers and this has often got her in trouble. Talks about her runes too much. Excitable and always full of energy, her exuberance can often be exhausting. She means well and will often go out of her way to try and make someone happy.

Benil Bofbek, (Ovlin’s now master and uncle), found Ovlin when she was 5 years old in the Mithral maze, crying and surrounded by dead bodies. Nobody knows how she came to be there or who her family was. A broken rune was found on the floor by her feet, a very powerful one that even Benil didn’t recognise. He raised her in his home, making her his apprentice and teaching her the ways of Runecrafting. She was so obsessed with runes that they nick-named her Runi. She remembers bits and bobs from when she was younger, faces that flash in front of her now and then, but to her, Uncle and Auntie Bofbek are her true family. Now that Benil has grown old, there is little more that he is able to teach her. She has left Mithral hall to search for new runes and often sends letters back to Benil with information she has found. She is particularly interested in protective runes, as she hopes to one day discover the rune she was found with, even the gods themselves may have forgotten.

Skilled rune-crafter and is pretty nifty with her military hammer. Ovlin can talk anyone under a table. Her crafting skills can often be utilised in other areas and can often make something out of anything if she puts her mind to it.

The broken rune that she was found with.
A small cuddly dragon that was given to her by Benil
A few other small trinkets to remind her of home.
Her Shield says ‘I heart runes’, written in runes.

Very close to her ‘Auntie and Uncle’, who have looked after her practically for her whole life. She gets on well with pretty much everyone she meets (although her constant energy and joy can sometimes become very grating).

Current Situation:
After the potential man slaughter of Lily, Ovlin is now feeling very lost, confused and sad. Healing and protective runes have been her calling in life and the fact that she may have killed a child with them has shaken her to her core. She is now very unsure of everything she does. If she were to ever meet the twins again, it is very likely that she would throw herself at their feet and accept any punishment they deemed fit, including the loss of her life.

Ovlin 'Runi' Dorack

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