Lyvlynna Everwood

Her bite is infinitely worse than her bark


Name: Lyvlynna Everwood
Nickname: Lyv
Race: Eladrin
Class: Fighter
Gender: Female
Age: 162
Height: 5’7’’
Alignment: NG
Status: Alive


Typical for an Eladrin, Lyv is very fair and exudes elegance. Her long golden hair and pale complexion couple with her slight frame to give off a deceptively angelic appearance. However, beneath the surface she is surprisingly strong and fierce. Despite being a self-trained fighter, Lyv employs a militaristic attitude to her appearance. Her hair is tightly and intricately plaited off of her face at all times and she cleans and mends her scale plate armour after every battle. Her longsword is kept in pristine condition and she takes pride in appearing in control at all times.
Lyv is not often seen out of her armour, but her style for the every-day is simple. She dresses in soft, lightweight fabrics that allow her a sense of freedom that she cannot get in her armour. Lyv favours heavier colours to pastel shades and avoids any style that could be considered too extravagant. With her belief that one should always be prepared for battle she keeps her hair off of her face at all times; but when she is out of her armour she will, on occasion, allow it to fall loose – only pinning back the curls that fall into her face. Even out of her armour though, Lyv will never be seen without at least one of her weapons by her side.

Though she can often come across as cold and withdrawn there is a softer side to Lyv that she keeps buried deep down within herself. She is fiercely protective of those that matter to her and would fight to her last breath if anyone she cared for were threatened. Losing anyone she loves affects her deeply. After the loss of her mother it took over a century for her to begin letting anyone in again. However, in that time Lyv learned to cover her pain well and, as such, often shields herself from letting others get too close even when she does begin to open up.
Control is an important thing for Lyv and she can often become irritable if she feels she cannot control a situation. After losing her mother, an event entirely out of her control, she promised herself that she would never allow something so terrible to happen to someone she cares about again – not without putting up a damn good fight. Having spent so many years alone she does not always find it easy to trust others and as such rarely sleeps, choosing to meditate instead in the hopes that her semi-consciousness will allow her to have a good sense of her surroundings at all times.
Lyv has begun to pull herself out of her reclusive state in her uniting with Dawn of the Stars but she still finds it hard to deal with social situations. She grows irritable easily and can lose her temper if she is pushed too far. She is careful of her surroundings at all times and believes that her vigilance is well justified, though many may call her paranoid.

Lyv was born into a loving family in Myth Drannor amongst a community of other Elves and Eladrin. With both parents having come from affluent backgrounds she never wanted for anything and in her younger years became quite spoilt. Her mother didn’t work and, though her father was away from home more often than not she was never certain of what his exact profession was. Because of the extended periods in which her father was absent from her life Lyv always felt a certain distance from him – she loved him dearly but could never feel a true connection with him. Her mother, on the other hand, was everything to her. They barely spent a moment apart when she was very young and as she grew older Lyv could go off and play at fighting with toy weapons that her mother would craft for her while her mother watched from the house.
By the age of 19 Lyv had grown accustomed to a certain type of life. While she was educated enough to get by she had spent most of her time while being educated dreaming about a life of adventure. She would often spend hours on end drawing up intricate designs for weapons and armour, hoping that one day she could convince her mother to allow her to get some of her designs made so that she could stand out amongst other fighters. Her games of fighting from childhood had transformed into serious training sessions as she grew and she would often fight with the more vicious and dedicated boys in the community who respected her for holding her own, although she lost fights as often as she won them.
Lyv’s mother died giving birth to her twin siblings. Her sister died along with her mother but her brother lived and, with her father still disappearing for long periods of time, seemingly on a whim, Lyv was left to look after him. She chose to call him Corlias seeing as her father had shown little interest in naming his own son. Despite not really wanting to give up on her dreams of adventure to look after a newborn baby, Lyv felt she owed it to her mother to keep her only other child safe. She stopped training and dedicated herself to making sure Corlias got the same carefree childhood that she herself had. After a year of trying to be a mother to a baby that she never wanted, however, she began to resent the child. It still hurt to be around Corlias seeing as his birth had been the thing that had taken her mother and best friend away from her, and although she had grown to love him in a way, she was exhausted and barely recognised herself any more.
Lyv’s father returned for the first time since her mother’s death not long after her 20th birthday and, seeing her chance, Lyv slipped away in the night, having already taken a large share of her mother’s wealth into her possession while leaving enough to ensure that her father and brother would not feel the loss too badly. She travelled to Waterdeep, wanting to be far away from home, and let herself get lost amongst the noise and crowds of the city.
For the first time since her mother’s death she finally felt that she could fully grieve away from worrying about anyone else’s needs, and for a while she withdrew herself from almost everything and everyone. The only person she spoke to was a questionable looking minotaur who had a reputation for being the most skilled crafter of armour and weaponry outside of the city. Using some of the money she had taken she paid him to create some of her better designs for her. With scale armour, a lightweight shield, a longsword and a longbow all of her own design in her possession she began to think about fighting again. She would take long walks and find quiet places just outside of the city, by the river, where she could begin to train, and for months she focused herself on training, feeling closest to her mother when she had a weapon in her hand.
In the years that followed Lyv became a recluse. She rarely spoke to anyone and when she did, she found that she had little patience for others. She got herself into more fights than she ever intended due to her short temper. Sometimes she would return to Myth Drannor and watch her family home from afar. On occasion she would see her brother going about his life but could never bring herself to try and speak with him. Her father seemed to have vanished altogether.
It wasn’t until Lyv found herself running to the rescue of a Dwarf woman, followed into a cave by a creature set on doing her harm, that Lyv began to re-induct herself into the world and create friendships once more.

Lyv’s strength is found in her fighting ability, with years of training making her a force to be reckoned with. She handles her longsword with ease and precision, and has been known to cleave men in half during battle. She does not, however, rely solely on a single weapon. Preparing herself for any eventuality she also carries a longbow and daggers wherever she goes. Despite her small stature, Lyv has a talent for intimidation which she takes advantage of when she deems it necessary. However, she will try to talk her way out of more delicate situations if at all possible.


  • Longsword (own design)
  • Longbow
  • Scale armour (own design)
  • Daggers

Since her mother’s death and the seeming disappearance of her father, Lyv’s only remaining relative is her brother, Corlias. However, having not seen him since he was only a year old, she is all but alone in the world. Before her brother’s death there was a girl, Sara, who Lyv had a short relationship with – the two have not seen each other since they were young.

Current Situation
After the encounter with Marcus and Lily, Lyv seems more removed from the group than she was when the party set out to rescue the Beer Baron. Lily’s death, however, has opened up the possibility of darker days to come, and Lyv is preparing herself for the worst.

Lyvlynna Everwood

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