Will finish her drink then glass you with it


Name: Keda
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Fighter
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 6’2"
Religion: Tempus
Status: Alive
Moodboard: Pinterest



Reasonably lanky for a half-orc (being of great height but with a slimmer appearance), Keda’s lack of broadness is made up for by her excess of muscle. In some lights it appears she has a slight hint of green on her light grey skin, with pale eyes and dark hair. Her overall appearance does not seem well cared for, her hair tangled and matted with what appear to be small animal bones and random beads braided into it. Similarly, what seems to be a constant layer of dirt on both her skin and clothing, and at least one infected cut on her extremely scarred skin. As well as being bulky with muscle, she also shows the traditional orc tendencies such as heavier and thick eyebrows, smaller set nose as well as a little larger set of bottom canine teeth, and very pointed ears.
As well as her skin being scarred, she has a lot of tattoos across her body, as well as what appears to be a piece of sharp metal embedded and in replacement for where her left index finger nail should be.
When not in full armour, Keda merely wears rags and small pieces of clothing. She is neither modest nor prudish in terms of her appearance. Despite her lack of vanity, she takes pride in her tattoos, piercings and braiding of her hair. Her armour is usually a makeshift of random materials, junk and revived old armour she has found and crafted herself, making her somewhat of an amateur blacksmith and craftsman. This includes odd shoulder plates and even at times boots, which she can discard whenever it takes too much damage. Her main body of armour however is sturdier, more professional plate mail.


Keda is brash, obnoxious, vulgar and unpredictable, and that’s on a good day. With what seems to be a slight substance and alcohol addiction, she is usually the last one awake in the morning and the last one to sleep at night and often requests naps during the day. Knowing of her own hygiene issues and the discrimination towards her race, she actually tends to appear rather apathetic and accepting to her own flaws but this is due to her own insecurities and self-deprecating attitude more than anything. In fact, she can be very hot headed, especially when sober and is known to throw temper tantrums. She is quick to think others are insulting her, to her face or not. To sum up her attitude problem, she is a teenager going through puberty.
She would probably die for a good cause if she happened to be in the right place at the right time because what else would she get up to this afternoon? Also, there is the acceptance that she is very easily swayed but this is mostly because of her utter lack of care, as long as she has a job and money may be coming her way, then she has a purpose in life. She however can be stubborn about the fact if someone wrongs her, she will want some kind of comeuppance, even if this means throwing faeces at their head.
She needs not to hoard items but will braid random junk into her hair or imbed it into her skin (it is a regular occurrence for her to random self-pierce a new part of her body… how she avoid infection, who knows).
Keda likes food (in particular cake), alcohol, the colour yellow, celebrations and parties, shiny things and mocking enemies. Especially when those enemies are corpses.


A family line originally from the Blackrot Tribe of Orcs, Keda’s mother (Kisha) had been set up with an arranged marriage with a fellow half-orc from another tribe. After unexpectedly falling pregnant with her fiance’s baby only after meeting him twice, Kisha panicked and ran away. This proved to be a wise move, as soon the Blackrot Tribe were wiped out by, ironically, a plague which is now known as ‘Blackrot’. However, somewhere Keda’s father survived as head of his tribe and Kisha only had good things to say about her once fiancé, frequently telling Keda stories about his fierce reputation.
A pregnant Kisha moved to Baldur’s Gate to start her new life, managing to secure a job as a city guard. After Keda’s birth and childhood, Kisha raised in the ranks to a more prestigious position. Meanwhile, Kisha also met and married her new partner, Nendra Telis, a female wizard drow. Together they bought and renovated a rundown tavern, The Wizard’s Alehouse, within the Lower City in which they lived and worked. Kisha would be prone to bring back her guardsmen for a round at the end of a long shift. The family eventually grew, adopting twin drow boys (Sorn and Imvir) from a distraught single mother one day in the tavern.
As a teenager, Keda started to learn different basic combat skills from her mother, as well as hearing and gathering advice from a variety of tavern visitors. Whilst the tavern brought in a variety of minorities and open-minded people within the heart of the city, Keda came face on with discrimination against orcs from a young age, often harassed in the street as well as rude costumers at the bar, whom were quickly thrown out by Kisha. At the age of sixteen Keda and her best friend, Sinnafain, took work from the docks upon The Howling King, a cargo and mercenary ship. The year flew by but not without mishaps, including several mutinies, encounters with pirates and dangerous storms. Once back on land she was quick to join a mercenary group and travelled with them for around 18 months before leaving under a cloud after a series of fights with other members.
Keda hasn’t had contact with Sinnafain since their time together at sea and is unaware of her current location.


Keda will state her brash nature is due to her orc blood but an extreme amount of skill, experience and practice goes into her fighting. Whilst trained with a variety of weapons, she favours large two handed weapons. Sinnafain taught her the uses of spears whilst Keda’s mother passed on her great sword expertise. As well as use of weapons, Keda also knows weapon maintenance and repair.
From her time living near the docks and her time on The Howling King have left her with many seaworthy skills, such as ship knowledge and navigation.
She also knows how to make home craft beer.


She is usually equipped with her platemail, spear and great sword. She also has a small Blackrot tribe talisman given to her by her mother which she keeps braided into her hair.


Keda is quite close to her mothers, Kisha and Nendra as well as her younger brothers, Sorn and Imvir (who present day are around 9 years old). She has many connections in and around Baldur’s Gate.
Similarly, as previously stated, her best friend Sinnafain, an Elf Monk.

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