Hylyera Prymrose

She is beauty, she is grace, she'll punch you in the face.


Name: Hylyera Prymrose

Nickname: Lyera
Race: Eladrin
Class: Swordmage
Gender: Female
Age: 210
Height: 5’8"
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Azurewrath – Enchanted longsword gifted to her by her father*
Greatsword Of The Matriarch

*Currently stolen by Marcus
Moodboard: Pintrest


Lyera has a typical Eladrin appearence with her white long hair braided using twine and wildflowers, her hair stopping just above her hip. Her piercing blue eyes strongly contrast with her worn black leather armour and tall leather boots, which she always adorns regardless of the occasion. Her hands are worn and covered in calluses from constant training with her sword (Azurewrath) which she rarely doesn’t have on her person.

As the youngest of 4 brothers, Lyera learned to be resillient and strong willed from an early age. However over the years she spent on her own she has become a stubborn and hot headed adult. However, despite her traumatic past she is remained a hopeless romantic.

As her parents only daughter, her father doted on her regularly gifting her with handmade trinkets, her favourite gift being Azurewrath which is her more treasured possession.

More to come…


Hylyera Prymrose

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